Step Up to Engineer a Solution: Join us as a Sponsor

The AOBA Educational Foundation (AEF) works to help local property management firms identify and hire entry-level building engineering employees. While AEF is a separate non-profit organization, we benefit from our close relationship with members of the Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington.

To support this workforce development initiative, AEF is actively seeking additional partnerships and strategic investments with those who want to build a pipeline of qualified candidates to support the commercial real estate industry and the local economy. To learn more and for a list of our Sponsorship Levels and Benefits, please contact Interim Executive Director Marc Fischer or Director of Outreach Sarah Benson.

AEF is also seeking additional AOBA member firms to become a Paid Internship Sponsor By hosting one or more interns, commercial property management companies (and, to a lesser extent, residential property managers, commercial janitorial contractors, and skilled trades companies) can participate as a “Sponsor” in the internship program.

Let’s learn a little more about what you can expect as an AEF Sponsor company.

Sponsor Responsibilities for Paid Internship Program

In addition to the salary of each intern, AOBA Educational Foundation (AEF) will charge a small fee (estimated at $1,500 per intern per year) to cover costs associated with the Paid Internship Program.

Between the direct payroll costs paid to the intern and AEF’s administrative costs, we estimate the internship will cost each AOBA member firm:

  • Internship Fee to AEF – $1,500
  • Payroll Cost to Interns ($15 per hour x 40 hours per week x 12 weeks) = $7,200
  • Miscellaneous costs = $200

Depending upon each firm’s human resources processes and internal overhead allocation, the Sponsor might also incur minimal expenses above and beyond the direct costs of the internship program.

Five Ways to Help as an AEF Internship Sponsor

  1. Help us screen candidates.
  2. Help us build a robust training program.
  3. Hire an Intern in 2019.
  4. Help us teach Internship sessions.
  5. Hire an Intern at the end of the program.

Thank you to our sponsors!

As we continue to grow the program in 2019, more sponsors will be added. For more information, please contact Marc Fischer.

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