Like the NFL Draft, AEF Sponsors Select Interns on “Match Day”

Top college players were recently selected to begin their football careers in the NFL Draft.  At AEF’s “Match Day” on May 7th, 25 job seekers were selected to launch their careers through the Foundation’s internship program!  Additional internship placements are in progress, thanks to strong industry support.

Scheduled June 3 through August 23, the 2019 AEF Paid Internship Program will help area residents gain on-the-job skills needed to pursue careers in building engineering, operations, and maintenance. Weekly training sessions will include 60 hours of coursework in electricity and engineering. Click for a list of 2019 Sponsor Companies.

Interested in receiving referrals to pre-screened candidates?  Contact Shara Kurcz, shara@aobafoundation.org.