Interning with a local property management company gives you hands-on experience to launch your career.

You won’t have to take on the debt that comes with a four-year degree.
Talented professionals in building engineering and maintenance are in high demand.
Quality of life is much better than a traditional construction job — you work mostly inside in comfortable conditions!

If you are looking to start your career in building maintenance and engineering, you may have this question on your mind: how do I get experience in a particular field when I’m still at the entry level? An internship experience with a local property management company can help you decide whether the building engineering industry is right for you.

Whether you’re a potential intern who is looking to define your career path, a partner looking to place promising internship candidates, or a sponsor who is excited to train future industry leaders by hosting one or more interns and/or hire an intern at the end of the program, we look forward to working with you!

Watch for 2020 Plans!  If you are interested in a career in building operations or you’d like to be considered for a 2020 internship, please complete the Candidate Application posted on the bottom of the Get Hired page and check out the links to the companies listed for available positions.  If questions arise, please contact us and we’ll get back to you soon!

Huge thanks to 2019 Internship Sponsors

2019 Internship Sponsors


Blake Real Estate
Borger Management
Boston Properties
Lincoln Property Company
Monday Properties

MRP Real Estate Services Group
Polinger Company
Quality Air Services, LLC
Stonebridge Management
Stream Realty Partners
Tishman Speyer Properties
Van Metre Companies
William C. Smith + Co.

Your future starts today.

Here’s what to expect during an AEF internship.

The AEF 2019 summer internship will last for 12 consecutive weeks — starting  June 3 and ending on August 23. Interns are paid a flat rate of $15 per hour for the duration of the internship, including any possible overtime, and provided a uniform.

Your Work Schedule: The sponsor and intern are free to negotiate a work schedule that meets both the company’s business needs and the intern’s availability. Many sponsors will choose to offer a standard 40-hour work week, however sponsors are welcome to give interns the opportunity to work a more flexible schedule. Interns must make the sponsor company aware of any pre-existing vacation plans or scheduling conflicts during the application process.

Keeping Your Employment Goals in Mind: To help both our sponsors and interns, AEF will gather information about when interns expect to be seeking employment in the building engineering field. We will also maintain communication with each intern, with the ultimate goal of connecting those who complete the program with potential employers.  Sponsors, in return for their support of the internship program, have the first opportunity to hire the intern(s) who worked for that company.

Weekly Group Training Sessions: In addition to the on-the-job training, interns also participate in a series of cohort-based programs (one day each week) – at a location to be determined.  In addition to a structured curriculum and building tours, these training days help interns get to know sponsors and partners, understand professional and industry etiquette, engage in team building activities and more. 

See how an internship can launch your career.

Get feedback and improve your skills.

Throughout the Paid Internship Program, we’ll provide interns with frequent feedback from sponsors, roughly every two-weeks. This will help AEF give program participants detailed guidance on improvements as well as address any concerns either party has. At the completion of the program, both parties will participate in a 360° feedback program that is designed to give reliable, accurate performance feedback to all stakeholders. 

Performance evaluations from the sponsor will be based on a list of standard expectations, and copies of the evaluation form will be presented to both the intern and AEF on the final day of the program. Partners, sponsors, and interns will also help AEF make continual improvements to the Internship Program by providing a final survey that evaluates the experience. 

Please note, failing to comply with the Sponsor’s policies and procedures and/or the Internship Program’s rules could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  If possible, the AOBA Educational Foundation will create a “waiting list” of candidates once all of the Internship Program’s slots have been filled. Depending upon the timing of a termination, it might be an option to open a spot for one of the “wait listed” candidates.

Work with the best companies in the DMV.

As an AEF intern, you’ll get even more additional resources.

To ensure the success and improvement of the AEF Internship Program, we will provide a variety of resources to support both interns and sponsor companies, including:

An Internship Manual. This will serve as a resource for both the member company — to help set up and manage the internship program — and for the intern, supporting continued learning and professional development throughout the program.

Intern Evaluation Forms. These forms, both interim and final, will allow interns to be consistently evaluated by Sponsors.

Internship Program Feedback Forms. These forms will allow AEF to complete a thorough evaluation of the success of the Internship Program, from the perspective of our Partners, Sponsors, and Interns.

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