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We open doors for skilled trade students through on-the-job training and mentorships.
We help match companies with entry-level engineering and maintenance talent in the Washington, DC region.
We provide partner organizations with a direct pipeline to local companies that  qualified employees want to work for.

Commercial property managers often find it challenging to recruit, hire and retain building engineering professionals. The AOBA Educational Foundation (AEF) was founded precisely to address this regional workforce problem — the AEF is working to create a comprehensive, region-specific solution to the “engineering talent crisis.” AEF is devoted to promoting educational programs that support building operations employees at all stages of their career. Part of this effort involves connecting job seekers with employers at all experience levels.

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Are you an employer looking to hire engineering and skilled trades talent?

We want to connect you with potential candidates in the Washington, DC area. Please contact AEF’s Workforce Development team for more information, free of charge to your organization.

Are you a job seeker looking for a career in the skilled trades?

We’ll help connect you with:

  • AEF’s Summer Internship Program;
  • Ready-to-work programs;
  • Top industry employers looking to hire entry-level talent;
  • Educational programs that will give students the essential knowledge for building a career in the commercial real estate industry.

Contact our workforce development team for additional career resources, including:

  • Resume writing and review;
  • Interview coaching;
  • Access to job fairs.

To get started, please contact our Workforce Development Manager, Shara Kurcz.

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