AEF in the News: BOMA Magazine Highlights Engineers’ Role in Sustainability

Check out BOMA International’s May/June magazine issue for an article by Marc Fischer, AEF Interim Executive Director. An excerpt is below, with a link to full article.

“Building owners and operators embrace sustainability on two levels. First, there’s the “big picture” perspective, which is often financially motivated. At this level, sustainability programs are employed to reduce operating expenses, which, in turn, increases net operating income (NOI) and asset value. From this perspective, asset managers make major capital allocation decisions, such as installing vehicle charging stations, based on financial metrics like return on investment (ROI) and net present value (NPV).

Just as important are the ground-level strategies employed by building engineers and the rest of the building operations teams. The best building engineers are those who can optimize the performance of building systems, increasing efficiency and driving down operation costs in the process. Following are a few things building engineers and operators can do to impact sustainability on a day-to-day level:”  READ MORE